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At our airport you will find a wide range of possibilities to attract and contact your target group. Choose between different media products and locations for your media campaigns. We offer attractive spots, both indoor and outdoor. We also provide stand areas for you where you can promote your brand and products.

Media Products





In addition to static advertisement, we also offer digital advertisement. Arriving and departing passengers as well as a huge number of "meeters and greeters” and employees pass in front of our digital screens across the terminals. Profit from this and reach your customer with tailored dynamic messages. Also make use the advantage of flexibility in updating your media messages as quickly and often as needed.

Our partner elitmedya specializes in advertising on digital screens. To rent digital screens or for further information please click on the website.


The average passenger encounters these banners multiple times throughout the course of their airport visit. To rent banners for your advertising at ICF Airport you choose from various sizes available.


Everywhere at the airport you will find our lightboxes - close to the shops, in corridors, besides escalators or in front of the airport entrance. Located at strategic positions, they are perfect to reach your specific target group.


To create a huge impact with your banner use our Megaboards. With their enormous size they are real eye-catchers. This is one of many ways to forward your message to your target group and be remembered - they are prepared and waiting for you.