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Regularly audited systems maintain the success and transparency of our business model

ICF Airports was awarded withthe Green Company label by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. In February, ICF Airports was accredited for “Integrated Management Systems” by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). ICF Airports Quality Management System was TS ISO EN 9001:2008 accredited, its Occupational Health and Safety Management System was OHSAS TS 18001:2008 accredited and its Environment Management Systems was TS ISO EN 14001:2004 accredited by the TSE. Lastly, the Customer Satisfaction System was ISO 10002 accredited in March 2011. This made ICF Airports the only company with four TSE certificates in the aviation sector and one of 25 across all sectors. In addition, ICF Airport was the first airport to be accredited a “Green Company”.

Our Integrated Management Systems Policy is the basis of these applications.


We are convinced that sustainable business activity is the key prerequisite for our company’s ability to meet future challenges and for our claim to a position of leadership in the industry.
Our basic values of honesty, respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, transparency, loyalty, fairness, quality and being customer oriented are at the center of all our activities. ICF Airports strives to be a company known for its high ethical standards. Our Company does and will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. Our ethical values and standards of behavior are the foundation for all company relationships with our employees, business partners and the society.
For further information about our ethical values and standards of behavior with our business partners and employees, please click here.

ICF Airports’ Ethical Standards of Behaviour For Our Employees
ICF Airports’ Ethical Standards of Behaviour For Our Business Partners
ICF Airports Basic Values

You can report any violation of ethical values and standard of behaviours of the company or employees, and/or any ethical behaviour that you appreciate through *BKMS® System.

*BKMS® System is a web based electronic system which ensures whistle blower's anonymity. The system's anonymity protection function is certified internationally and may verify it at any time.

General Information on SMS

The Safety Management System (SMS) project was initiated by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (GDCA) at the beginning of the year 2012. SMS was enrolled along with the preparation of a 4-stage implementation plan at our Organisation and the completion of Stage 1 at the end of the same year. Read more



Quality Management System


Total Quality Philosophy

Focus on quality and efficient processes


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Customer Satisfaction


Passenger Survey

Permanent review of our passenger satisfaction.

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Corporate Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Measuring and Monitoring

Regular performance measurements are implemented for all passenger processes and furthermore are continuously benchmarked.

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Learning Organization

Steady tailor-made training for our employees

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Continuous Improvement


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Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System


Customer Focused Approach

Easy access for customers to the complaint system via e-mail, internet, phone, letter, kiosks etc.

Complaint forms are also available in the Braille alphabet for visually impaired passengers.
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Systematic and Responsive Management

Response to passenger complaints within 5 days with specific feedback.

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Identification of New Trends

Significant amount of feedback is received from passengers and if possible directly implemented into our processes.

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Environmental Management System


Protection of Ecological Balance

Self-operated waste water facility, high recycling rate with onsite waste management

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Economic and Social Awareness

Around 21.2 million € have been invested for environmental impact. Furthermore, a yearly resource of nearly 1 million € has been allocated until the end of 2024.

Environmental Hot Line: +90 242 315 10 33,
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Compliance with Laws

National and international legislation are carefully complied with.


Occupational Health and Safety Management System


Protecting Employees and Businesses

Incident-accidents have been reduced by 42% compared to 2010.

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Improve Working Environment

Our working area is improved for physical conditions, (ergonomic conditions, lighting and ventilation, etc.).

Job descriptions and instructions are prepared.

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Airport Carbon Accreditation



Carbon Footprint Map

Accredited by ACI since 2010

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Carbon Management Plan

Prepared in 2011-valid for the next 3 years.


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CO2 Emission Reduction Figures

CO2 Emission Reduction Figures We make a significant contribution to the prevention of global warming by decreasing the CO2 emission per passenger.


Green Airport Company


The Green Airport Project was initiated by the General Directorate of Civilian Aviation (GDCA) to eliminate or minimize the negative effects of airports on the natural and social environment. The project is maintained in coordination with ISO 14001 Environment Management System in line with the project's scope. As the project requirements have been completely fulfilled in January 2010, a “Green Airport Company” certificate has been given by the GDCA to ICF Airports. Thus our company is one of the first companies to be certified by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey (DSAA).
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Waste Management Plan

19 different types of hazardous, package and organic wastes are disposed of according to the ICF Waste Management Plan.


Waste Disposal Contracts with external Companies (9 companies in 2011)


Barrier Free Airport


As part of the design of the terminal and the barrier-free airport project, all access barriers have been removed for both arriving and departing passengers. An integral concept of barrier-free service has been created with the special parking area and telephone boxes for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) , blind walk way, help desk for the PRM, special entrance, special check-in desks, ease of use in elevators (audio warning, Braille), seats, specially designed WC, etc.