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ICF Airports considers Environmental Awareness as both an important ethical value as well as a factor of growing importance in passenger and tourist decisions. The efforts of ICF Airports in this area have been distinguished with various certifications such as the Carbon Accreditation Level 3 (Optimisation Level), the ISO 14001 Standard (Environmental Management System) and the national Green Airport Certificate. ICF Airports manages a highly energy efficient Tri-Generation Power Plant , a Wastewater Treatment Plan as well as a Waste Separation Plant at the airport - all operating at the highest quality levels.

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Tri-Generation electric power plant

ICF Airports is one of the few airports worldwide, that built and operates an own state-of-the-art energy-efficient Tri-Generation Gas Power Plant. Tri-Generation refers to the approach of using heat produced by the gas turbines to generate steam and chilled water simultaneously for heating and cooling purposes and thus increase plant efficiency to as much as 83% (traditional power plants: 40% efficiency).

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Our own wastewater treatment plant- water quality

ICF Airports operates an on-site wastewater treatment plant in order to prevent pollution of the soil and the sea by discharged wastewater.

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ICF Airports operates its own Waste Separation Plant since the beginning of 2011 for effective management of waste materials. In 2009, a total of 1,000 tons of wastes were recycled off-site. In 2010 off-site recycling increased by 66% and reached a total of 1,661 tons. This amount is 21% of total waste in 2010.

Thanks to the modern facility and adjustments made to the processes; the total waste recycling rate aims to reach 70% in the next 5 years. Management Systems