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ICF Airports обязуются обеспечивать своих клиентов услугами мирового уровня, путем соответствия стандартам мирового класса. ICF Airports отличается тем, что акцентируются  на обеспечении безопасности пассажиров, исключительном качестве обслуживания, инвестировании в передовые технологии, высококвалифицированном и опытном персонале, а также  установлении дружественных, взаимовыгодных отношений с различными бизнес-партнерами.



Our company policy is structured around our values of honesty, integrity, reliability, accountability, transparency, commitment, fairness, high quality and customer oriented approach in line with our vision to become the leading airport terminal operator. It is our integrated policy to:

 v  Supply necessary human and financial resources to conduct our activities at national and international standards; ensure safe and secure working space to employees; assign duties and responsibilities to employees in line with their knowledge and skills; conduct efficient risk management by enabling them to create independent and free reports; and develop fair and positive safety culture;

v  Meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and customers within the scope of accessibility, objectivity, transparency, accountability and confidentiality principles;

v  Effective use of natural resources with high environmental awareness; minimizing all damages that arise from our activities and affecting the environment and being in cooperation with social stakeholders for this purpose;

v  Reduce greenhouse gas emissions for which we are directly responsible and to support our business partners in reducing their greenhouse gases emissions. Develop innovative solutions in all processes to combat with climate change. Meet carbon accreditation requirements;

v  Fulfill all national and international legal requirements, domestic regulations and all moral values with our employees, business partners and regional bodies in a corporate awareness;

v  Secure data integrity, accessibility, continuity and data assets; protect information confidentiality; meet the obligations arising responsibilities from the legislations, contracts, internal and external stakeholders;

v  Ensure compliance with quality, environment, occupational health and safety, customer satisfaction management systems as well as requirements of safety, security, information security management systems and to raise awareness among employees with a strong internal communication and training network for improving their efficiency with these systems and to ensure their active participation;

v  Adapt to new technologies. Ensure sustainable growth with mutual benefit principle with business partners and suppliers by creating new business models;

v  Ensure continuous improvement by monitoring performance in all processes,

v  Conduct effective risk management considering the threats and opportunities of all management systems;

v  Ensure sustainability by obtaining efficiency and productivity as an outcome of systematic and corporate activities,

Are our integrated policy.