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ICF Airports обязуются обеспечивать своих клиентов услугами мирового уровня, путем соответствия стандартам мирового класса. ICF Airports отличается тем, что акцентируются  на обеспечении безопасности пассажиров, исключительном качестве обслуживания, инвестировании в передовые технологии, высококвалифицированном и опытном персонале, а также  установлении дружественных, взаимовыгодных отношений с различными бизнес-партнерами.


In accordance with our vision of becoming the leader operator in this region and with our basic values of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, responsibility, transparency, loyalty, fairness, quality and customer focus,

  • To lead the studies to reach our objectives that are;
    • Meeting the needs and expectations of our shareholders and customers with our principles of accessibility, objectivity, transparency, answerability and confidentiality precisely,
    • Providing safe and healthy working conditions to our employees and preventing from potential work accidents,
    • In accordance with our liabilities for environment, controlling the creation of wastes, ensuring efficient uses of resources and prevention of pollution,
    • Climate protection and reducing greenhouse gas emissions arising from our activities each year,


  • To provide continuous and sustainable improvement by analyzing data effectively in regular management reviews,
  • To ensure contribution of all employees to meet the requirements of Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health & Safety Management and Customer Satisfaction Management Systems and continually improve the effectiveness of these systems in the terminal by implementing effective arrangements for internal communication and training,


  • To comply with the international civil aviation regulations, existing labor and environmental legislations in cooperation with our suppliers and regional organizations,

is our integrated management system policy.