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Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA)

Climate Change  
ozonThe industrialization process that has gained momentum after the 1929 industrial revolution has brought important problems along. Especially climate change brought about by the increase in gases damaging the ozone layer is the topmost problem.  To reduce the emissions of the mentioned gases; carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxides, sulfure hexafluorure, HFCs and PFCs, the KYOTO protocol signed by most of the countries has come in effect in 2005. Our country has signed the protocol, albeit with reservations, in February 2009. 
The contribution of the transportation industry in the total CO2  emissions in the world is around 14%. 5% of this is caused by airport activities. Every industry is working to fulfill their responsibilities against climate change in their area.  ACI (European Airports Commissions) have started the “Airport Carbon Accreditation” project and it invites all the institutions in the industry to work towards decreased CO2 emissions. 
Airport Carbon Accreditation”; involves the application of a sustainable management plan to reduce CO2  emissions. ICF Airports has decided to fulfill the requirements of the project and to maintain it sustainably. 
ICF Airports Carbon Strategical Aim
Within our general environmental goals, strategical goals for specific carbon under ecological, financial and social responsibilities.

  • To generate the most suitable energy to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Not causing additional carbon emissions because of various activities.
  • To reduce the current carbon emission in comparison to a fixed value.
  • To cooperate efficiently with business associates.
  • To do efficient Waste Management.

are our main goals. 
ICF Airports Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation studies started in August 2009 and ICF Airports is accredited by ACI as “Mapping” for the 1st level in 2010. In 2010, due to these studies, reduction in carbon emission is achieved and the company is accredited by ACI as “Reduction” for the 2nd level in April 2011.
Airport Carbon Accreditation studies are a part of our Integrated Management System Policy. The studies will continue until we reach the highest level according to requirements set by ACI.
First carbon emission is calculated in 2010 yılında due to the 2009 data and “Carbon Footprint Report 2009”  is published.
In 2011, due to the 2010 data “Carbon Footprint Report 2010” is published. Also  "Carbon Management Plan" is prepared in 2011 which will be effective for the next 3 years. 
According to the report “Carbon Footprint Report 2010”, with the ICF Airports activities, 88% of the emissions are caused by energy generation, 10% by the liquid fuels used for generators and 2% by the treatment plant. Detailed information can be found in these reports.

In 2010, our company provided a significant contribution to global warming by decreasing the CO2 emission per passenger. The studies are continuing with the same determination